For years and years, Apple has always held the biggest event of the year in the fall in a huge September event, in which I mainly release the new iPhone and a bunch of new products, and with all that Apple has been doing, developing over the past few months, and all the leaks you have gotten, no event has been more hyped and waited for in the past few years more than the upcoming one.
Of course, I can not mention the upcoming event without mentioning the new iPhone, since this is the biggest product in Apple’s line-up and the one most people wait for. It is the star of the show and has always been the biggest announcement in the September event, and therefore we will see the iPhone 13 (maybe even 12S) without a doubt making its way into the upcoming event.
The next iPhone seems to be a minor upgrade and is not the most exciting device in Apple’s lineup this year. The new iPhone will feature a 120 Hertz display, an improved camera, and the new A15 chip and is set to be a small change for those seeking a replacement phone for their older models. Another device that will undoubtedly play a big role in next fall’s event is indeed the new variation of the Apple Watch and the launch of the Apple Watch 7 with a new chip inside, a new design, an improved battery life, and potentially a new health feature that could have a massive impact as it might be capable of reading blood sugar levels. The new Apple Watch has been rumored for a while now and will for sure be announced this September.

The newest version of Apple’s incredibly successful line of cheaper earphones will also be a part of the upcoming event and seems to be a very exciting addition to the lineup of Apple’s products as the Airpods are well due for an upgrade. The Airpods 3 introduce a new design for the Airpods and case, a better battery life, noise cancellation, and even a better sound control system for users making for a very compelling package and a device with so many selling points. This major upgrade makes the new Airpods a device expected to sell a lot and ready to be one of Apple’s best sellers.
The new MacBook Pro 14-inch is right around the corner as they have been a done deal for a while now and are set to make it into Apple’s lineup as soon as possible. They will probably be released in the next September event, but they will be released probably a month later. The MacBooks will have the new M1X chips with improved performance, a new design, improved displays, and additional ports for extra practicality and better usage for professionals.

Some reports say that they might be released in a separate event a month later when they are developed and so that they do not take the lights off the new iPhone. The MacBooks will have the new M1X chips with improved performance, a new design, improved displays, and additional ports for extra practicality and better usage for professionals.

A totally new design with a bunch of new colors, a much-improved battery life, and the all-new highly anticipated M2 chip are all welcomed additions to a device that was already very successful and beloved by so many users making the new MacBook an amazing device for those seeking a cheap laptop alternative and great value for money device that promises so much, and it will probably be Apple’s best-selling laptop. The new Air will be probably released with the Pro MacBooks whether it is in September or in a separate event that follows it in October.

Apple has been planning on updating the bigger 27-inch for a while now, and it is coming by really soon. Apple changing it so much and making it much more powerful and the perfect addition to any professional’s lineup anywhere with a new design, a bigger and improved display, improved performance, and so much more.

The iMac won’t be released at the next event. It will probably be released in a smaller event that will happen at the beginning of next year.

All in all, the upcoming event seems more exciting than ever, and it will be the start of so many new products that will last for years. Apple has been developing its line of M-series chips for a year now, and with the start of it, and worked hard not only to include it in all its products but also to update all their devices as well and making massive improvements to all their devices.

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